Monday, 15 February 2016

Why Interlocking Stone is Best for Exteriors?

Are you redesigning your home or office? So you have finally reached the momentous stage where now need to choose a flooring for the exterior. This may be a tricky situation but don’t decide without giving it a deep thought. 

Remember never to overlook one of the most crucial aspects in redesign, selecting the proper flooring, a critical consideration being the moisture level in and around your driveway or garage.

The Predicament

If you live in a cold or wet location where a person could slip easily or you live on a hilly terrain where your car or an improperly stored object could slide down a smooth garage, you should probably opt for interlocking and landscaping services.

Time to start seeking interlocking stone services as interlocked stone tiles help you not only build sturdy floorings, they also make your real estate look more appealing. The modern lock designs speak for themselves and can be installed anywhere from driveways, exterior stairs, pathways and patios.

If you live in a region with higher levels of snowfall during the winter or higher levels of precipitation then moisture from your car can run off on to the floor to create a puddle of water. Not only can one slip on it (imagine your Saint Bernard slipping), if the water gets trapped under the tiles it could lead to severe cracks.

The Solution

While specific types of flooring may worsen this problem, you would need a type of flooring with fluid air channels to allow the water to pass underneath and not let it stand. Interlocked stone tiles can be a good choice for fully functional garages. They are engineered with gussets, adding to the weight support capability. This saves your floor from moisture retention as the tiles are never attached directly on to the ground.

So whenever you start refurbishing your new garage or other exteriors, always keep in mind the climate and select your flooring accordingly.

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