Thursday, 7 April 2016

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Landscaping Ideas

If you wish to make your yard the envy of passersby and neighbors, pay attention to the following landscaping inputs as these can help highlight your yard's features and hide the problems to form a beautiful view.

Think about the seasons

It is essential that you plan for all year round and not just the current weather. A landscape that will go dormant in the winter will look uninviting and foreboding. Make sure you include structural elements for winter like shrubs,trees as well as other material that also looks good in summer, spring and autumn.Don’t overlook the color schemes either.

Keep the size of the house in consideration

Most people give all their attention to the size of the lawn and the slope and shape of the front yard. But what they don’t realize is the most crucial element in their complex is the house itself. It may get ignored during landscaping but it must be designed around and planned in advance as it may pose certain design limitations. If you outsource landscaping services, the landscaping company will design the elements based on the shape and size of your house and how it looks from a distance.

Use shapes and masses

You need to work with shapes and masses to create landscaping for curb appeal. If your house is large and you wish to plant something, don’t opt for little flowers that won't read from the street. Rather than that, opt for plants like midsize shrubs and use them in repetition in rows. When people drive by, they don’t notice individual flowers, they only see the impact of plant groupings that enhance the shape of the walkway, and house of course.

Make use of secondary hardscape elements

Hardscape elements are key in designing a landscape for the ultimate visual impact. A deep sidewalk, for instance, provides an opportunity for a wide flowerbed as an accent. A bench would offer space for a gathering of perennials and shrubs. You only need to think about what could be added to the yard and how to highlight it.

Give emphasis to the rite of passage

Landscaping to enhance curb appeal will ultimately dwell on someone walking in through the front door. And you would want them stunned, wouldn’t you?For that, you would have to be mindful of the experience you provide starting from the street right up to the door step. Think about transitions and whether you can break up the trip short of destroying clear line of sight. You can include a bend in the walkway keeping the doorway in sight or add urns on both sides of a curve.

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